Oct 28, 2019

Coming Soon: Hack the Interview


n January, I'll be launching my very own podcast - Hack The Interview! I decided that I have a face for podcasts and figured why the heck not? Each season, I'll choose a new topic to focus on that helps the community prepare for their tech interviews! Interviewing can be such a cringe-worthy, stress inducing process that only gets harder when you come from a non-tech background (like me)! Each week, I'll meet with a guest who came from a non-traditional background that has made it through the wire and over to the other side.

The purpose of launching this podcast is to help those of you who are in the middle of transitioning to tech and need a bit of motivation to push through and keep your head up! We can often find ourselves thinking that our personal experiences are so isolated when in reality, there's someone else out there going through something similar. My hope is that you find a guest that you can resonate with most and turn around any negative self-talk that you've been feeding yourself during your journey.

Season One

For the first season of Hack The Interview, I met with 8 guests to re-live what life was like as they were in the midst of their final round interview before landing their first ever job in tech. And we're exploring more than just programmers! Listen to what it was like interviewing for jobs in Project Management, Data Science, UX/UI, Marketing and other areas! All stories are unique and show just how varied the experience truly is for people with non-tech backgrounds to transition into a career in technology.

Available: January 1