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Welcome to the coolest
tech club on the interweb - Computer Club!

I always loved after school clubs growing up and as I got older, that pretty much stayed in tact. From community building, to creating projects and forming friendships, clubs are part of the reason I became the social butterfly that I am today. Computer Club doesn't have a formal membership in-take process. Rather, it's a resource for anyone who's interested in pursuing a career in tech or looking for a tutorial to help them learn whatever random area of technology I'm currently working on in my "free time". I've been in this tech world for over 6 years and I'm always amazed at just how fast everything changes on a daily basis. Are you new to tech? Then you're in the right place! Use this website as a resource to help you navigate possible career paths in tech and build fun projects with Python and XR.  Again, welcome to club and I hope you bring your friends to join, too!

About Me.

Depending on the day, a complete description of who I am could change - I think that's what makes me an interesting person. One day I packed up my life in DC and bought a one-way ticket to Los Angeles.

Was it worth it? Yes.

I began my career in luxury fashion as a menswear stylist and visual merchandiser. I don't style much anymore, however, I'm always willing to give an opinion or two, or three. I transitioned to working in IT in 2013 shortly after graduating from undergrad. I've since been dabbling with coding a bit and found my forever home within Developer Relations at Microsoft!

Do you like reading? Well then you're in for a treat because I have a shiny new children's Python programming book launching July 2020 with Wiley! But if July 2020 is too far for you, I have a YouTube channel and tutorials just for that sort of content. You can usually find me over on Twitter talking about whatever I'm working on or usually at home on the couch wondering what Loonette the Clown is up to these days.


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